Haunted Campground & Church Hopping Home

Posted on December 3, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving D-Fam! Can you believe it? November has come and gone! We have so much to be thankful for this year. How was your Thanksgiving celebration? We celebrated a certain graduate, but more about that later. Let’s jump back to a distant time I like to call…October.

Saint Louis to Athens

From our previous blog you will remember we were in Missouri for Carolyn’s last nursing contract. Her final shift was October 10th and we promptly hitched up and headed south the next day. Unless you have traveled extensively you will not understand our excitement when starting a journey. After sitting still for three months, our urge to get up and go was maxed out. First stop, Faithful Parking [www.faithfulparking.com].

Many faith communities have beautiful properties with easy access to paved parking, idyllic for overnight RV camping. When the idea was pitched to us, we were intrigued. We had to check out Faithful Parking for ourselves. Thus we found our way to Jesus’ Name Tabernacle in Caruthersville, MO. [see video]

Welcomed In

Right away we felt welcomed, as weary travelers, to rest and relax until morning. The pastor and his son were gracious and kind. They even blessed us with a gallon of milk (the kids were happy to accept). Skip ahead from Sunday to Wednesday and to another church in DeQueen, Arkansas. This time we were offered showers, as well as invited to attend class (the kids were again excited). Pastor Tim of Rose Hill Baptist Church found time to sit with us and answer our questions. [Follow link for full interview]

The Haunting

After a subheading like this one I’m sure some of you will roll eyes and shake heads at me. But hey, if you’re going to write a blog you might as well have some fun doing it!

Cherokee Landing Thousand Trails- Saulsbury, Tennessee

Sandwiched between our church stops we spent two days in Tennessee at Cherokee Landing Thousand Trails, by far the spookiest RV resort we have ever had the pleasure of visiting.  Garrett believes it’s the perfect setting for a horror novel. (Insert ghost emoji here) You can imagine the park in it’s hey-day, probably thirty or forty years ago. Now, with the moss and natural aging (or ‘deterioration’), the Landing takes on a Halloween vibe in the fall, no decorations needed. All that’s required to complete this look is a little mist from the lake, a full moon and howling in the distance.

In all seriousness, Cherokee Landing provided a beautiful autumn location for us to spend time together as a family. And when we left, we did remember to say goodbye to the resident ghosts.

Did You Say ‘Date Night’?

One more stop along our route had to be in Sulphur Springs, Texas, to visit our friends the LaRue family. They have been longtime D-Fam members and have the biggest hearts for hospitality in all of Texas!  Jason and Rebecca welcomed us in for dinner and fellowship. Then Jason posed the question of leaving the kids with them for a sleepover. WHAT?!?

I want to let you in on a little secret: Couples living full time on the road with young children don’t have date nights as often as they would like. Finding someone you know and trust to babysit is difficult when you are 2000 miles away from family.

Yes, yes, we will take you up on your offer to house our children for the night. We will go back to our trailer, put on a movie and enjoy NOT being interrupted. Plus, we will go out for coffee the next morning! Ah, what childless bliss.

Home at Last

Hanging out with the LaRue family was such a highlight, but Athens, TX was still to be reached. With tears and goodbyes (the kids cried when it was time to go), we turned our truck-trailer-car caravan toward our final destination.

The Texan RV Park was not more than 3 miles away when Emma hollered from the back seat, “I’ve seen this place, I know where we are!” Her excitement was catching. Pulling up to the office we all felt this arrival was significant, and the huge basket of mail confirmed this to us. We were home! [All Roads Lead to Athens TX]

The view from our site at Texan RV Park- October 2020

Five Weeks at the NRVTA in One Paragraph

We can’t do justice to the training Garrett has had since arriving on October 17th. The Master Certified Technicians who teach at the National RV Training Academy (NRVTA) are some of the best in the business. In five weeks they cover the fundamentals, (basic RV systems, maintenance, and safety) as well as systems diagnosis and repair of everything from propane refrigerators and AC units, to hydraulics and slides. Garrett took to this new career as if he was always meant to be an RV technician. Carolyn never need complain that something is broken and needs repairs.

Now, if you are ever in need of a mobile RV technician, look no further! Garrett is certified and ready to serve the travel community. [connect@diaryofafamily.com]


The Lord has truly blessed us through this year of unknowns. Financially, we have put our trust fully on Him to see us through to the end. He has always been faithful to provide for our every need, and allowed us as well to be a blessing to our community.

As we finish up this month of ‘Thanks’, we thank you, the D-Fam, too. Great things are to follow!

Next time we are looking forward to sharing with you our Christmas holiday as well as our preparation for heading out to Quartzsite, Arizona in January.

Until next time!

Diary of a Family

Garrett & Carolyn,
Emma, Timmy, and Edison