About Us

Welcome to our Life

We are a travel nurse family. We left our sticks & bricks on September 2018 and haven’t looked back. We live in a 2019 Grand Design 3740BH and tow with a 2010 Dodge Ram 3500. With 27 states visited and over 25,000 miles travelled, it’s fair to say we have been a few places. Our favorite locations to visit are the amazing National Parks in the USA.

Our family motto is “Live Life Intentionally” 

Carolyn (aka Mommy)

The Mom, Nurse, Super Teacher,  Super sweet or super-monster, depending on if she’s hangry. Chooses not to kill her kids while homeschooling.

Favorite food: CHOCOLATE of course!


Garrett (aka Daddy)

Certified RV Tech, Professional Production Manager at the National RV Training Academy. Drone enthusiast and all things media. Awesome stay-at-home-dad and repairer of the RV broken things.

Favorite band: Skillet


Oldest, with a flair of sass. Water colorist and nature fanatic. Can read a pile of books faster than the speed of light. Girly girl through and through.

Favorite spirit animal: the horse.

Timothy (aka Timmy)

Second on the roster. Won’t try anything new until he’s sure he can do it. Outruns his big sister and rivals her in height and shoe size. Big head = big brains.

Favorite video game: Minecraft


Edison (aka Eddie)

Eddie-spaghetti, the baby of the family. Not afraid of anything! Past times are stick collecting and table dancing. Has the beat in his head and music in his soul.

Favorite toy: Kitty