Busy December – Happy New Year

Posted on January 2, 2021

Happy New Year! Are you as excited as we are to leave 2020 in the past? In reflection though, we accomplished so much. So, here’s a quick recap of December and our preparations for January 2021.

Complete 2020 Chores

When you live on the road as we do it can be difficult to get the regular appointments done for a family of five. It’s that much more difficult when Covid shuts everything down. All of us were due for dental cleanings and had not had medical checkups in two years. It was time!

While in Athens, Texas, Carolyn took the opportunity to establish Primary Care doctors for us, as well as scheduling dental visits. This year Edison was visiting the dentist for the first time. He listened and followed directions so well, our dentist was pleased. Emma and Timothy both had small cavities that needed fixing, but otherwise everything was fine. 

Eddie at the Dentist
Numbing Timothy for Fillings

Trip to Urgent Care

Back in November all the kids were seen for their yearly physicals. Then, in December Garrett and Carolyn were seen and Edison got caught up on his immunizations. What we weren’t expecting is two extra visits; one for Emma and another for Eddie. Emma’s visit to Urgent Care was prompted by a dermatitis on her face, arms and chest. It spread rapidly and was very uncomfortable for her. Thankfully a few doses of an allergy med and a topical steroid cleared up her red, itchy skin.  

Eddie’s visit was a surprise as well. At some point he had received a scratch on his leg just above the ankle. The scratch was well healed but the skin around it was angry red, hot, and raised. Within 24 hours the affected area was three times the size. God is so good though; we caught it in time. He suffered no fevers or pain, and a week of oral antibiotics did the trick. 

Waiting to see the Doctor

Learning at the Arboretum

December in Texas has its benefits, one being the beautiful, warm days for exploring outside. We took advantage of one fine day and visited the East Texas Arboretum and Botanical Society. Bridget Machida, one of our D-fam members and a retired teacher, prepared a scavenger hunt for each of the kids. She brought along clipboards and an excitement for learning that was infectious. The trip’s highlight must be sitting on the suspension bridge in the sun and watching crawfish in the creek below us.

Suspension Bridge Hangout
Happy Boys with Mommy

Special Time – Special People

D-Fam, we are so blessed by each and every one of you! Especially during this holiday season. Last year our Thanksgiving and Christmas was spent alone. But this year, despite Covid separating many, we promised ourselves we would be with people we loved. We were not disappointed.

Thanksgiving we spent at Cleburne State Park with Richard and Hope (X Marx the Spot) and their family/friends. I think that was the first time we celebrated with a picnic! [Watch the video] During the Christmas season we invited Richard and Bridget Machida to join us for dinners, Home Alone movie marathons, observing Advent, and our Christmas celebration. Richard and Bridget brought a feeling of family to us. We have no way of expressing our gratitude to them both. [Christmas video]

Silly Wise Men

Finally, the Lord brought Kevin and Bunny Brownlee to the National RV Training Academy to show us one more way that He really cares for us. Until then we didn’t know this wonderful, godly couple…but they knew us! Through YouTube Kevin and Bunny had heard of us and Kevin recognized Garrett immediately when they bumped into each other at the school. The Brownlee’s blessed us with a gift and we spent time getting to know each other. [Watch the interview]

Merry Christmas D-Fam! Thank you for your love and well-wishes.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Happy New Year – Quartzsite 2021

This last month has been especially busy for us, preparing to launch Garrett’s Mobile RV Services. We were surprised by everything we needed in place before setting out our shingle. Finally, though, all the tools are gathered, the paperwork filed, the bank account opened, and the CPA has been hired.

Quartzsite, Arizona here we come! We officially launch at the Q21 Family Reunion, January 16-24. It’s not too late to come be part of this meetup. [Follow link for more information]

If you will be there and would like to meet us or need Garrett to fix something in your rig, email us at Connect@diaryofafamily.com. Read our previous blog post here.

Again, happy New Year. My God bless you greatly in the coming months!

Diary of a Family

Garrett & Carolyn,
Emma, Timmy, and Edison